School Plan

Our school plan is devised and approved by the staff and Board of Management and is regularly revised in order to stay up to date with developments reflected in our society and as directed by the Department of Education and Skills.

Our Administration and Practice and Procedures Policies are always available to parents on request at the school. They include:

• Pastoral Care
• Enrolment and Practises
• Code of Behaviour
• Anti-Bullying
• Anti-Bullying Notification
• Child Protection
• Learning Support
• Assessment
• Attendance
• Fire Drill
• Healthy Eating
• First Aid
• Medicine
• Supervision
• School Drug Policy
• ICT and Internet
• Appeals Procedure
• Special Education Needs
• Sexual Harassment
• Records and Data Policy
• Gender Equity Policy
• Emergency Closures Policy
• School Trips Policy
• Complaints Procedures
• Mobile Phones Policy
• School Meetings Policy
• Critical Incident Policy

The school’s Curriculum aims to achieve the overall development of the children and is based on the requirements of the Department of Education and Skills for Primary Schools. The weekly timetable includes:

• English
• Irish
• Maths
• Arts Education (Music, Art, Drama)
• Social, Environmental and Scientific Education (Geography, History, Science)
• Social, Personal and Health Education
• Physical Education
• Religious Education