Fanore National School - 065-7076197

Welcome to Fanore National School. Our modern, comfortable school building and grounds is located on the Coast Road in Fanore, County Clare. Our two teachers offer teaching to children from the age of 4 years (Junior Infants) and they remain with us until they reach 13 years (Sixth Class). We offer a wide and varied curriculum in accordance with the Irish Primary School Curriculum along with a diverse range of extracurricular activities.

Fanore National School is a co-educational, Catholic Primary School in which we provide a well ordered, caring, considerate and happy environment for all pupils. It is a school where the intellectual, moral, cultural, emotional and social needs of the pupils are identified and addressed. Due regard is given to other religious beliefs and other cultures.

In the past we have been delighted to welcome visiting children into the school for short periods of time. This has been a wonderful experience for all concerned no matter how long they spend with us. The visiting children enjoy a warm and friendly welcome from both children and teachers alike and the resident children learn and come to understand differences between cultures.